The Gibbs Trust


How to apply

Apply in writing to the Secretary, at 8 Victoria Square, Bristol BS8 4ET.

The Secretary says he and his Trustees are ‘more often provided with too much information than too little’. He thinks ‘Many applications can be made on two sides of paper.’

The pages should include a covering letter, a brief description of the project and a budget. He says Trustees are interested in the answer to the question: ‘Who else have you applied to?’

Flyers, etc., may be in addition to the two sides.

The Secretary says he is ‘not impressed by the use of first class stamps’ or by the submission of full sets of audited accounts.

To keep administration to a minimum, he only communicates with successful applicants.

Applications should be in an easily re-cyclable form. In practice, this means no spring-coil binding. Please use both sides of the page!

Please Note:

· No animal charities.

· No individuals.

· Only organisations that are registered charities.